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Jimmie Speed, Recovery and Apologetic Minister, was born in the last of the Jim Crow segregationist era.  He was raised in the Baptist Church in Calico Bottom near Helena, Ark.  He was baptized into Christ at the age of 8.  It was at this time he experienced what he describes as a true “religious experience.” As he puts it “from that day to this God has given me insights into His kingdom, and through His Word, wisdom that time did not give me.”

Minister Speed states that in his early and formative years, he also suffered extreme abuse at the hand of those raising him and also those within the small neighborhood.  These abuses would help shape the experiences which would revolutionize his relationship with God through Jesus the Christ.  As stated in his new book, he declared "that every encounter, whether negative, positive, or unclassified, every encounter is an entrance into experiences containing explosive spiritual enlightenment."  

At the age of 13, Minister Speed left Arkansas to move to Cleveland, Ohio with his mother who had been absent from his life since the age of 5.  This move coupled with untreated life issues, would catapult this young man into a dangerous lifestyle which included alcohol, drugs, and violence.  Though he professed a strong belief in Christ and was always to be found in study of Gods’ word he states “I was unable to break free, no matter what I tried, and I tried every imaginable remedy.”

How dark before the dawn.  Who was to know that those very defects would one day become the alloy, that though traumatic, would shape his destiny and through the power of God elevate him to be placed in a position to help lead others to salvation and then to overcome life’s difficulties.

At the age of 36 Minister Speed experienced another life changing spiritual awakening in which he was delivered from drugs and alcohol, and introduced to the recovery program of Alcoholic Anonymous.

It was there that God began the healing process that would place him on the path to restoration.  It was through the 12 step process of recovery that Minister Speed states that "He saw the DNA characteristics of God’s Spirit in each step."  As he began to study this new program, he saw that it was founded in Christian principles and rooted in the Old and New Testament.

This was the beginning of the Christian Recovery Ministry. Minister Speed saw that the majority of Christian errounesly believed that the gift of Salvation and not obedience to the will and word of God brought about a renewed mind. This was similiar to the alcoholic/addict in that sobriety was but a precursor to the spiritual change necessary to bring God’s peace into the life of the sufferer.

 Minister Speed is an Educator, life Coach, fiery and passionate orator of Gods’ truth.  Under the mentorship of Pastor Kevin B. Mitchell, he founded and is director of The Christian Recovery Ministry which presents a Spiritual Fitness Program with dynamic Godly instructions and strategies by which any can recover.  He is President of Speed Enterprises, a Consultant organization and the creator of The Spiritual Soldiers Publishing Co. designed to help prospective authors reach their dreams of publication.

He is a powerful teacher and dynamic speaker whose main goal is to help lead others to Christ and then see them discipled through the unadulterated and uncompromised word of God.  

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Be sure to look for Minister Speed's 2nd book released the of summer 2013 titled The Revealed Word of God.